Let’s talk about the ‘TAC’ in SEATAC

May 2021

What is a TAC?  

A TAC is a Technology Access Centre. Funded by Tech-Access Canada,TACs are applied research centres that provide access to colleges’ cutting-edge technologies and expertise to support innovation across Canada. Each of the 60 centres, operating from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island, have gone through a rigorous peer-review process to become a designated TAC.

Every TAC is paired with a partner college and is distinct as they have been developed to support innovation in a specific sector. TACs do not compete with other businesses, they are demand-driven and work to fill innovation gaps to support and grow the industry that they are focused on. 

What makes SEATAC different? 

SEATAC is the first TAC focused on the ocean. For now, we are also the only TAC in Nova Scotia. All our resources are concentrated on advancing ocean innovation.  

In recent years, NSCC has made significant investments in ocean technology. Our team collaborates with other departments in NSCC to offer a wide array of services, as well as access to experienced technicians and engineers. These resources are a part of what SEATAC is offering to help service the growing ocean economy.  

How do you work with a TAC? 

If you want the short answer, talk to us. To discover what we can do for you, how we will manage your project and if we are the best fit, contact us today. We’ll review your challenges, goals and ideas, then help you to develop a plan to complete your project in a feasible and efficient way. We exist to support and grow the blue economy and are motivated by results just as much as you. If you want to dive even further into how to engage with a TAC visit: Engaging a TAC – Canada’s Technology Access Centres (tech-access.ca). Or go right to the source and talk to us directly.