Your extra set of hands

July 2021

Experienced field technicians.

Accustomed to rough seas, early mornings and fingers going numb from hours of handling equipment in below freezing temperatures, SEATAC’s field technicians know their way around a boat.

Not only does SEATAC provide access to the right tools for the job, but we also provide experienced field technicians to get the job done right. Operating out of COVE and nestled on the Dartmouth side of the Halifax Harbour, SEATAC provides access to advanced research, cutting-edge technology and skilled field technicians and engineers to support Nova Scotian companies in the ocean sector.

Our field technicians are trained to handle small vessels, are up to date on paperwork required to work at sea and have experience operating different technologies used to monitor and collect information during fieldwork. Small-and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to enhance their workforce by accessing field technicians on a need to basis.

Providing industry with hands-on expertise.

Through SEATAC, industry can access NSCC’s faculty and research scientists. NSCC Ivany Campus instructor, Alfred White, has over 20 years of experience in the offshore marine industry where he focused on surveying, ROV’s, environmental assessment and marine construction.

A seasoned crewmember with a unique skillset, Alfred has been a valuable field technician to a wide range of ocean-tech companies. When his teaching schedule permits, Alfred is always up for a new research adventure.

Cross collaboration. 

One of the many benefits SEATAC gets from collaborating with NSCC is the opportunity to connect with students and new graduates. SEATAC’s newest field technician, Jaclyn Inkpen, is completing her internship with us for the Oceans Technology Advanced Diploma Program.

A native Nova Scotian, Jaclyn has a love for all things oceans related which has strengthened her knowledge and experience for field operations: 

“We are there to operate and make sure the right equipment is used with accuracy. As field technicians we know how to trouble shoot to make projects come together and be successful.”

Field technicians bridge the gap between access and operation. Project development and research require one set of tools while the instrumentation and skills required to get there takes another set entirely.

When you break it down SEATAC is where ocean-related companies across the province can access all aspects of their project development. Equipped with advanced technology, we have the knowledge and the skills to strengthen your next ocean sector project.

Talk to us about how you can access our field technicians.