Affiliated with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), SEATAC is an ocean technology applied research and development centre. With access to NSCC’s specialized equipment and facilities, our engineers and technicians design, build, deploy and test products to help small- and medium-sized enterprises get to the next stage of development. SEATAC’s research and development services include mechanical/electrical design-and-build with an emphasis on prototyping and advanced manufacturing support. We also provide product testing, data analytics and communication, and advanced coastal mapping services. Companies working with us retain their intellectual property. We are ready and waiting to provide you with the support you need to advance your ocean project today.

SEATAC services include


Bring your concepts to life and beta test features and design elements.

3D Metal Printing

Gain access to some of the most cutting-edge technology Nova Scotia has to offer.

Data analytics and communication

Discover data collection equipment and software to gain in-depth insights to improve decision making.

Mechanical/electrical design and build

Move into the next phase of your project. Design and build your ideas with SEATAC.

Customized Training

Collaborate with SEATAC to learn skills needed in your work environment.

Product Testing

Find the space, expertise and equipment you need to test and evaluate your innovation.

If you have inquires about our services or equipment, please contact us.