Bringing SEATAC Projects to Life

Neil Laamanen

Neil Laamanen

Project Coordinator

Introducing SEATAC’s Project Coordinator Neil Laamanen! Neil joined our team in early 2020, and brought with him over 15 years of experience working in industry. His years of hands-on experience have given him an in-depth knowledge of machining and advanced manufacturing. This experience, combined with his degree in mechanical engineering, enables him to bring a unique combination of technical skills to his role with SEATAC.

Neil works in our Design and Innovation Centre at NSCC’s Ivany Campus in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. There, he as access to all the tools required to focus on mechanical design and advanced manufacturing. The centre is well-equipped with a full machine shop and a metal 3D printer, and we are always searching for new opportunities to bring in additional cutting-edge technology. Neil has this to say about the design and manufacturing process with SEATAC:

“An important part of the design process involves consulting with companies to help them decide the best way to move forward in building their prototype or component. I love to support clients in this process and then help them bring their projects to life.”