Ocean Technology Funding Opportunities

October 2020

SEATAC has compiled a list of funding solutions. If you have an idea to launch or grow an ocean service or product but are stuck on funding, we are here to help. The Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) will fund an interactive visit with SEATAC that provides 20 hours of service with our team. If you are ready to advance your oceans project today and don’t know where to start, talk to us and we will help connect you with the funding program for an interactive visit.

National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program Interactive Visits

SEATAC is the first and only Technology Access Centre (TAC) in Nova Scotia. The interactive visit funding is for using the equipment, facilities and expertise for TACs. This program is available for application all year round, for clients of the National Research Council of Canada. Pending approval, this will get you up to 20 hours of access to SEATAC services to move you through the next stage of your research. Talk to us about your project.

Here are some other funding options in the ocean innovation ecosystem:

Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) Research and Development Funding

The Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) is a Canadian government funding program dedicated to supporting the research of innovative technologies. This program is for small-and medium-sized businesses, research institutions and academic institutions operating in Atlantic Canada. This funding initiative is open year-round. You can submit your application whenever you are ready with a few eligibility stipulations: Projects should be ideally 18-38 months but can span from just several months up to five years. The maximum funding per project is capped at $3 million. Talk to us about your project.


Strategic Innovation Fund

The Strategic Innovation Fund’s objective is to foster innovation. A specific goal for this program is to simplify the application process, accelerate processing and provide the type of assistance that is focused on results. Plain and simple, they want things to be as easy as possible for you to get started right away. The program has four streams of funding. Two of these streams qualify as the type of funding that can be used with SEATAC: Stream one is targeting research and development that will accelerate technology and innovative products, processes and services. Stream four exists to encourage, advanced industrial research and technology through collaboration with both academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. Talk to us about your project.


Ocean Start-Up Challenge

The Ocean Start-Up Challenge has been designed to find and support innovators and companies developing products and technologies that solve ocean challenges. This project launched in June of 2020 and will continue until the money is spent. The initial phase includes ten rounds of $25,000 in prize money. These cash prizes will be awarded to the winning start-ups and scale-ups so that they can begin prototyping their solutions. This challenge is led by the Ocean Start-up Project, the first Innovation Ecosystem Project announced by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster. All you need to do is have an innovative problem-solving idea and talk to us about your project.


Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program with Nova Scotia Business Inc.

The Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program helps small and medium sized companies access direct assistance to make their business more productive and innovative. This program encourages businesses to seek out expertise within post secondary institutions. SEATACs partnership with NSCC, allows you to use this program so that we can work for you.There are two tiers of vouchers within this program: Tier 1 Vouchers are available for up to $15,000. This is eligible for businesses that have not previously been awarded a voucher or are applying with a new project. Tier 2 Vouchers are available for up to $25,000, for businesses who are building on work they have already done. Figure out which tier you belong in and talk to us about your project today.