A day in the life: Stacey Githinji

Get to know Stacey, a Marketing Intern with SEATAC

Name: Stacey Githinji
Internship: COVE Ocean Technology Internship Program
Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing/Computing & Information Systems (Saint Mary’s University)

What brought you to SEATAC and your current position?

After joining my school’s co-op program, I had the opportunity to join a student informational session on the marine industry that was held by COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship). As someone who is passionate about sustainability and the environment, it was exciting for me to have the chance to work in an organization that shares my passion and values while simultaneously building my marketing skills.

 What’s something that has surprised you about working at SEATAC? 

Transitioning into my role was extremely smooth. Being new to the ocean technology sector, I was slightly nervous about starting my role in an industry I didn’t know much about. From the very beginning, the team has been extremely supportive. I have also had opportunities to attend webinars and site tours, giving me a better understanding of the ocean industry.

How do you think your internship at SEATAC will enhance your classroom learning?   

I have really enjoyed observing the different ways people communicate across the social media platforms we use at SEATAC and applying that knowledge to my marketing strategy. Having the opportunity to create content for both Twitter and LinkedIn, I was able to learn how to apply marketing techniques to different social media channels. Even though it’s common knowledge that every social media channel is unique, working on content for both channels gave me a better understanding of how communication takes place across social media spaces, which will come in handy as I learn more about digital marketing.  

What or who has made your SEATAC internship memorable?    

Attending the annual H2O Conference and COVE Demo Day was an incredible moment for me. Seeing all the marine equipment firsthand and engaging with other industry professionals taught me a lot about the ocean sector, and I was able to receive a better understanding of the technology and equipment that we use. I can confidently say that these events enhanced my interest in working in ocean technology in the future. Overall, it’s been a great learning experience.

How has your internship at SEATAC further ignited your interest in ocean technology? 

One area of the industry that captivated me most is how many career opportunities are available. During my internship, I was able to attend webinars and sessions about opportunities which gave me a clearer

insight into future available careers. I really enjoyed working in ocean technology because the industry’s focus on innovation for sustainability aligns with my values. It’s definitely an industry I am interested in working in in the future.

What advice would you give to students considering an internship with SEATAC? 

Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new. There is a lot happening in the marine industry, both on a global scale and right here in Nova Scotia. The marine industry is a very welcoming community and if you are a novice in ocean technology like I was in the beginning, take the opportunities available to learn. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge (and excitement) about this sector’s potential! 

A day in the life


6:30 am – Every morning, I wake up, get ready and pack my lunch. Once I’m done, I catch the bus to the ferry station downtown.

8:30 am – Taking the ferry to Dartmouth is my favourite part of my morning because I get to put on my headphones, listen to my AfroSoul playlist and enjoy the beautiful Halifax Harbour view for the next 10 minutes.  

8:45 am – I depart the ferry from Alderney Landing and walk to SEATAC’s office at COVE along the Trans Canada Trail, which is just along the water.  

9:30 am – Today is Wednesday, so I usually have a meeting with the amazing SEATAC/NSCC Applied Research marketing team. We get to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for future social media posts and ongoing projects 


12:00 pm –  SEATAC’s Marketing Associate, Ruth, and I meet and talk more about our social media plan and work on some drafts for Twitter and LinkedIn. This is critical because SEATAC’s social media is part of my big project here. I get to receive feedback on my drafts, and I learn lots from Ruth!

1:00 pm – After our meeting, I will have my lunch. When the weather is nice, I will normally have my lunch outside the building. We are right on the water and I take advantage of this and have my lunch while enjoying the view of the harbour. 

2:00 pm – After my lunch, I go inside and try to finish up as much work as I can for the day. Once I’m done I pack up my bag and leave for home. 

4:00 pm – I walk back to the Dartmouth ferry station, take the ferry across and take the bus from downtown to home.  


5:30 pm – Once I get home, I figure out what I’ll have for dinner, then drop my things and take a shower. 

6:15 pm – Today’s dinner is potatoes, chicken and veggies. As my food is getting ready, I love to take the chance to clean up the dirty dishes. 

7:30 pm – When my food is done, I serve some and put on Netflix. I love eating while watching something and currently, I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. 

9:00 pm – When I’m done with my dinner, I clean up my dishes, figure out what I’ll wear to work the next day and I’m asleep by 10:00 pm.