A day in the life: Kenzie Merlin

Get to know Kenzie, an IT Intern with SEATAC

Name: Kenzie Merlin
Internship: COVE Ocean Technology Internship Program
Program: IT Programming, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Institute of Technology Campus

What brought you to SEATAC and your current position?

I first found the COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) internship program through NSCC’s student job postings. As someone who was interested in learning more about the marine sector, I decided to apply, despite having no previous experience in the area. After the application process, I accepted a position with SEATAC as an IT intern. I was super excited to begin my summer with them and learn more about the industry.

IT student Kenzie smiles at her desk while her computer shows lines of code

What are you studying? What do you plan to do when you graduate? 

I’m studying IT Programming at the NSCC IT Campus in Halifax. I plan to graduate in May 2024. After graduating, I hope to pursue a career in software development, and potentially continue my studies in obtaining my bachelor’s degree in applied computer science.

What drew you to do your internship in the ocean sector?

I was drawn to this internship due to my love, but lack of knowledge of, the ocean! I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and fully immerse myself in an internship within the sector. I can confidently say I have learned so much and have grown my love for the ocean even more!

How do you think your internship at SEATAC will enhance your classroom learning? 

Working with the SEATAC team taught me a lot about time management, which will be super valuable to my classroom learning. With so many deadlines and meetings, I needed to be conscious of your time. This skill will be really useful when I get back to class in September and have to balance my classes and homework.

IT student Kenzie shows her supervisor Laura an item of interest on her computer.

What or who has made your SEATAC internship memorable? 

My internship at SEATAC has most certainly been memorable. I think the most memorable event from this summer was COVE Demo Day. It was so interesting to see so many marine companies demonstrating their products and businesses. Despite it being a rainy day, it was enjoyable, nonetheless.

I also must thank my supervisor, Research Specialist Laura White, for making my internship great, no matter what challenges I faced. With her support, l gained so much confidence in myself and my skills.

How has your internship at SEATAC further ignited your interest in ocean technology? 

SEATAC has opened me up to how many options there are within the marine sector. I had no idea about the 

companies that existed before working with SEATAC. Since they are focused on research and development support for ocean tech companies, I’ve gotten to learn about the jobs that exist in so many areas. From renewable energy to acoustics and sensors, to data science and AI, there are so many opportunities available! SEATAC helped me to realize this and has ignited my interest in the sector.

What advice would you give to students considering an internship with SEATAC? 

If you are considering an internship with SEATAC, I say do it! It was such a fun experience and provided me with so many skills that I will have with me for life. I got to learn so much about the marine industry and the variety of opportunities out there. It was also a huge plus spending time in the SEATAC office at COVE all summer, overlooking the gorgeous Halifax Harbour.

A day in the life


7:30 am – I wake up to get ready for my day. Today I woke up a bit later than I usually would.

8:15 am – I leave my apartment in Halifax. Traffic can be kind of bad, and I always must stop for an iced coffee and a bagel!

9:00 am – Arrive at COVE and head up to the SEATAC office. Once there I check my email, LinkedIn, and Teams to catch up on anything I may have missed.

9:45 am – Once I’m caught up, I open whatever projects I am working on for that day. Today I’m working on building SEATAC’s new website pages with our Marketing Associate, Ruth!


12:00 pm – I have a meeting with Ruth to update her on the work I’ve been doing, and she does the same. We share ideas on ways in which we can improve navigation and usability for site visitors.

1:00 pm – After the meeting, I grabbed a cappuccino from the espresso machine and the lunch I brought with me. I eat while I continue to work on the website, as I hate not doing something while I eat.

2:00 pm – To finish out the afternoon, I worked a bit on maintaining and updating SEATAC’s new customer relationship management system, for our Business Development Lead, Janine. I go through contacts and companies and ensure the information is up to date.

4:00 pm – I wrap up for the day and head to my car to go home.


4:30 pm – Once I’m home, I head to the gym with my boyfriend. We usually spend about an hour there, it’s something I look forward to every day.

6:00 pm – We head home from the gym and make dinner. Tonight, we made chicken stir fry. It’s my favourite meal that my mother made a lot at home!

7:00 pm – After dinner, I like to unwind at my computer with some games. I play Valorant with my friends on Discord for a little bit, then I beat my boyfriend at a round of MarioKart.

9:30 pm – I go to bed at about 10:00 pm so I can be energized for another day at SEATAC. Before bed, I do my skincare routine and give extra affection to my beautiful kitties, Loki, Radar, and Pip. Once they’re properly loved, I go to sleep for the night.