Rachael Scaravelli

October 2020

New to the ocean tech sector, this Saint Mary’s Business student feels that the passion for this booming industry makes it impossible not to get onboard.

A fourth-year business student at Saint Mary’s University, Rachael Scaravelli was hired by SEATAC for a summer co-op position as Marketing Coordinator. She worked closely with Nicki Hall, NSCC Marketing Associate, to help launch SEATAC’s website. Aside from writing content, managing social media accounts and logistics related to outsourcing required to meet marketing needs, Rachael is continuously learning more about the growing ocean innovation ecosystem in Nova Scotia:

“I had no prior knowledge of the ocean tech industry when I took this position. Initially, I felt out of my comfort zone, but I’ve learned so much in the last three months. Everyone that I’ve been introduced to, within SEATAC and externally, has been so patient and willing to help me get up to speed. Their support has been matched with a real excitement and engagement for what they do. People are passionate about this industry, it’s almost impossible not to get onboard.”

Rachael expressed a real interest in continued learning throughout her role at SEATAC. Practical application of knowledge and skills from her academic experience have strengthened her marketing abilities. She feels more confidence and better prepared to enter the job market when she graduates.

“Being able to observe and contribute to decisions being made as SEATAC was getting off the ground has truly been an invaluable experience, “says Rachael. “It is a unique position to be able to grow with something, and I’ve loved being a part of it.”

Rachael is continuing to work part time with SEATAC during the last year of her studies. “With any luck, gaining work experience in this exciting sector will help me land a job when I graduate.”