iVisit Resources

What is an iVisit?

Interactive Visits (iVisits) provide clients with up to 100 hours of access to research facilities, equipment and expertise to solve their business or technical challenges. Strict eligibility requirements have made it difficult for start-ups and some scale-ups to get approval for the Program until now. 

Do you have a team of less than 500 people? Do you have a CRA business number? Do you have an innovation challenge?

If you answered yes to these three questions than an iVisit might be for you!


Looking to apply for an iVisit but not sure where to start?

Complete the required form online at the link below;

Super iVisit Project Form (PDF 202 KB)

Or download the word document below to work on your project file periodically, as the online version is not savable. Additionally, this document includes advice that you may find helpful to complete the online form.

iVisit Project Form Offline Version (DOC 50KB)

iVisit Project Form Offline Version (PDF 252 KB)

After the online form is submitted, SEATAC will review and advise of needed edits or changes. Once approved, a request is sent to SEATAC to complete the application with an agreed-upon Statement of Work. Following this, SEATAC completes the required forms and the iVisit is automatically approved. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at