Brooke Moore

October 2020

An Indigenous woman who believes we all share special ties and responsibilities to the oceans, Brooke Moore is eager to gain professional experience and grow her career in the ocean technology sector.

A recent graduate of the NSCC Oceans Technology Advanced Diploma program, Brooke was hired for the summer of 2020 to work with SEATAC. She has been developing an in-depth list of all the ocean-related equipment throughout NSCC, as well as contributing to research projects and helping with market research.

While supporting SEATAC’s inventory management database, Brooke has enhanced her logistical skills and gained a better understanding of the opportunities available through the Technology Access Centre:

“Walking by the SEATAC sign at NSCC every day I had wondered what it would be like to be a part of their team. I also thought, wow, had this only been available when we were conceptualizing a strategy for my own business. It is an easily accessible way to gain traction on what a company may need help with – helping businesses advance in their ideas, current prototypes, and providing support.”

As Brooke wraps up her contract with SEATAC, she reflects on learning opportunities, skills acquired and experiences that she found impactful.

“Being a part of a growing organization has helped me understand mechanisms that promote success within a team, even remotely,” says Brooke. “I’ve gained a deeper understanding of how certain technologies work and discovered the importance of making sure information is systemically organized and made available to the broader team.”